Introducing Tenure Track Promoting Program in Osaka City University

Osaka City University created the specially appointed Tenure Track positions by exercising discretionary power of the president in 2012 for seeking globally excellent young researchers and developing their careers in close collaboration with the related faculties and graduate schools in the university. Toward that end the university applied for subsidies of promoting Tenure Track Program, sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Agency and received the subsidies in the amount of JY36.6 million in 2013 and JY51 million in 2014 and started operating Tenure Track Promoting Program.

Tenure Track Promoting Program provides the young researchers under the age of 40 with a system that they can acquire experience as an independent researcher working under a fixed-term before they may obtain stable tenure positions through the fair and transparent reviewing process. The given term is 5 years. If they pass the final review in the fifth year, they will be, in principle, employed at the tenure positions. Osaka City University recruited total 6 Tenure Track researchers, 3 in 2013 , 2 in 2014 and 1 in 2017. 3 researchers were accepted by the OCU Advanced Research Institute for Natural Science and Technology and 3 researchers were accepted by the OCU Urban Research Plaza. The university has been fostering these researchers with the sufficient research funds and provided with support and ethical guidance by the mainly mentoring senior professors in close collaboration with the relevant laboratories. These Tenure Track program researchers are expected to become not only mere researchers but also educators who will be able to lead the next generation of researchers.

The Tenure Track Program promoting system


The Tenure Track Program Promoting system secures the posts that nurture these researchers under the directorship of President. The system is operated by a managing committee headed by vice-president in charge of research and consisted of the heads of the relevant laboratories.

The OCU Urban Research Plaza and the OCU Advanced Research Institute for a Natural Science and Technology accepting these Tenure Track Promoting Program researchers provide laboratory facilities as well as advices on research and education.     In addition, the relevant laboratories provide the researchers with mentoring professors and teaching opportunities as an organization.

Screening of the program researcher candidates, evaluation of performance of the appointed Tenure Track Program researchers and reviewing for the final tenure positions will be performed by a committee including external evaluation members for the purpose of securing fairness and transparency of the process.