Osaka City University (OCU) presents an international invitation for one (1) tenure track specially appointed associate professor or lecturer (annual salary). A young researcher assigned to this tenure track post will be given independent research environments and support such as a start-up fund. If the candidate passes through the intermediate screening process conducted in the third year after employment or meets with criteria of the final screening in the fifth year, then the candidate will be authorized for full-time tenure (no term limit). OCU expects applications from researchers who are engaged actively in high-level research activities.


Ⅰ.Details of post recruited

    1. Number of researchers to be recruited and their job title

  One (1) tenure track teaching staff is to be recruited. The job title is Tenure-track Associate Professor (annual salary) or Tenure-track Lecturer (annual salary).

    2. Field of recruitment and position

  One teaching staff member is recruited for the following field: Although the candidate will be assigned to the urban research plaza during tenure track teaching staff, the candidate is requested to play active roles in cooperation with the literary research section in research and education practice.


Research area


Affiliation / Collaborating faculty

No. of positions

Arts management

(1) Management, (2) Cultural policy, (3) Modern art, (4) Cultural assets, (5) Social connotation, (6) Fund raising, (7) Assessment, (8) Information media

Urban Research Plaza / Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences



    3. Qualification requirements

–   Doctoral degree holder with fewer than 10 years after receiving the degree at the closing date for application; alternatively, a master’s degree holder expecting to receive a doctoral degree within three years.

–   Preferred candidates will have experience as an Assistant Professor, PD, or a position equivalent to either at a university, research institute, business enterprise, or the like and will have accumulated noteworthy research accomplishments or practical achievements. Although Japanese language ability is not essential during the tenure track period, it is required when transferring to the tenure period.

    4. Employment conditions

(1) Contract period

  Fixed-term employment starting from the date of assuming the tenure track teaching staff. (One-year contract during renewal is possible up to a total of five years of employment.)

(2) Salary

  The annual salary amount is determined based on the annual salary table of the annual salary type tenure track specially appointed teaching staff determined according to the salary of the tenured teaching staff (teaching staff with no term limit), which is then divided equally by 12. One portion is supplied every month. (Annual salary table is already determined according to tenured teaching staff salary.)

  In addition to the annual salary specified in the annual salary table, a commutation allowance is supplied. (To be supplied in the form of commuter pass with an upper limit of \55,000 per month.)

  No retirement allowance is paid.

(3) Social insurance

  Health insurance, employee pension insurance (Mutual Aid Association of Public School Teachers), and employment insurance are the same as those for tenure teaching staff (no term limit).

[Amount of annual salary]

—    The amount of annual salary is determined by the salary class determined at the recruitment depending on the job title, academic background, and years of experience. Although the salary class determined at recruitment is unchanged during the term, it might be increased or decreased according to the prescribed criteria specified in the annual salary table according to personal evaluation performed every year.

—    The annual salary amount of the first year of recruitment (standard amount by personal evaluation) is determined according to the academic background and years of experience within the following range.

< Tenure-track Associate Professor (Annual salary type)>       

\6.66 million – \7.86 million/year

< Tenure-track Lecturer (Annual salary type)>                           

\6.06 million – \7.26 million/year

—    Target duration of the annual salary calculation is from April 1 of this year to March 31 of next year. When recruited during this calculation period, of the annual salary amount, only a portion corresponding to the period of service is supplied.

<Example: Recruited on October 1 and annual salary amount is determined to be \6.66 million>

  The period of service in the calculation period is 6 months. Therefore, for 6 months from October, \555,000 (annual salary amount divided equally by 12) is supplied, whereas the total of the year concerned is \3.33 million.

    5. Transfer to tenure post

  The term of tenure track teaching staff is five years (no extension is allowed). Intermediate screening is performed in the third year after assuming the post. A final audit is conducted in the fifth year after assuming the post. If the candidate meets with conditions* such as excellent research accomplishments, then the candidate is transferred to a tenure post** (no term limit). (OCU will provide tenure posts for all tenure track teaching staff members.) When the candidate is not transferred to a tenure post according to the final audit, the candidate will lose the position as the tenure track teaching staff upon termination of the term.

*    For information related to screening and criteria for tenure post qualification, visit the following website:


**  For information related to the salary system after being transferred to the tenure post, application of the annual salary system is currently under consideration.

    6. Research Environment

  Independent research space and start-up funds are provided to tenure track teaching staff. The tenure track teaching staff member will assume an education job after being transferred to tenured teaching staff and therefore, even during the tenure track period, the candidate will be requested to give lectures and research guidance for undergraduate school and graduate school in the collaborative section depending on the area of expertise. Administrative jobs are exempted. More than 60% of efforts are guaranteed to be spent in pursuit of research activities.

    7. Work location

Sugimoto campus, Osaka City University

3-3-138, Sugimoto, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City


Application Method

    1. Application Materials

  Documents in the following list must be prepared in English:

  (1) Designated application form* (Curriculum Vitae, List of Publications, etc.)

  (2) Summary of research contributions (up to 3 pages including figures)

  (3) Future research plans (up to 2 pages including figures)

  (4) Reprints of representative publications (up to 5 papers)

  (5) Recommendation letter (if possible)

 *  Download the designated application form from



    2. Application Submission

 Combine the above documents (1)–(5) into a single PDF file (up to 5MB) and submit it by e-mail to the address shown below. A hard copy of the same documents should also be sent by postal mail. The submitted documents shall not be returned.

[Mailing address]

Organization for Tenure-track Promotion

Osaka City University,

3-3-138, Sugimoto, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City 558-8585


    3. Application deadline

November 30, 2016 (Wednesday) 17:00 (Japan time)

PDF file by e-mail and printed matter by postal mail should be received no later than the deadline.

    4. Selection schedule

Primary selection (paper screening): December 2016 to beginning of January 2017

Secondary selection (Employment adjustment) (Interview and the like): January to beginning of February 2017

Time of assuming the post: As early as possible after April 1, 2017.


III. Inquiry

Please send your inquiries by E-mail to tenure-track@ado.osaka-cu.ac.jp